De Broc Students Get Career-Ready during Retail Marketing Project

18 April 2017

Topic: Careers

De Broc Students Get Career-Ready during Retail Marketing Project


Students at De Broc have honed their employability and study skills during a week dedicated to improving the real-life expertise needed for the workplace.

Interdisciplinary week is a regular event during which usual classes are suspended to make way for special projects. This month’s project focused on the retail sector: students were given three days to produce a poster presentation comparing the marketing strategy for two different outlets within the same area of retail.

The project was designed to complement this semester’s marketing module, with students conducting field research to bring to life the theory they had learned in the classroom. Their research techniques included questionnaires, interviews and observation in the field.

The students presented their findings to a panel of special guests, including the Chartered Management Institute (CMI), a partner of De Broc. Teams were judged on both content and presentation skills and the winners were awarded a prize.

Jo Lozinska, Employability Manager at De Broc, said: “The students developed skills including communication, problem-solving and time management. It was so encouraging to see their confidence increase.”

Sarah Hall, Learning Support Coordinator at De Broc, said: “The project was a great success for many reasons. There was close collaboration between Employability, Learning Support and the tutors; the subject matter was relevant; the students gained valuable skills and best of all, we all really enjoyed it.”

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