Students Gain Insight into the World of Insurance during Trip to the World-Famous Lloyd's

30 May 2017

Topic: Careers

Students Gain Insight into the World of Insurance during Trip to the World-Famous Lloyd's

De Broc students have visited Lloyd’s, the world-leading specialist insurance provider, to learn about how the insurance market operates and to find out about graduate opportunities available in the sector.

The trip gave De Broc students an opportunity to bring to life some of the theory they’ve been learning this year. They used their knowledge of globally used business analysis tools PESTLE (political, economic, social, technological, legal and environmental) and SWOT (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats) to help them understand Lloyd’s day-to-day business and the climate in which the organisation operates.

The students also learned about the employment opportunities on offer to those studying business at degree level. Lloyd’s offers a two-year graduate scheme which, covers underwriting, brokerage and corporation roles on a rotational basis.

Jo Lozinska, Employability Manager at De Broc, said: “Graduates hoping to work in the finance sector don’t just need a knowledge of finance; they also need to a broader understanding of how business works.

“Our students gained valuable insight from their trip to Lloyd’s; they now understand how the insurance market works, and they have extra confidence that their studies are current and relevant. The areas of study offered at De Broc open up a variety of career paths thanks to their practical focus.”

Students left with an understanding of how the insurance market works, and the knowledge of how their studies are current, relevant and will add value to their careers by preparing them for work in the real world of business.

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