The Do's and Don'ts of Fresher's Week

30 September 2016

Topic: Students Corner

The Do's and Don'ts of Fresher's Week

Fresher's week is an exciting time for every student: usually, you've moved to a new place, you're meeting lots of new people, and you have three years of possibilities and opportunities in front of you.

Ensure you make the best of it with our handy tips!


  • Take chances. Talk to people you don't know, try new things, sign up to different societies and clubs. This will help you have a richer experience at university.
  • Keep an eye on your paperwork -- have you signed up to the health centre? Sorted out your modules? Discovered when your student funding will be paid? If not, do it quickly - then you can get on with enjoying yourself.
  • Be aware of how much you're drinking. Fresher's Week is notorious for wild nights out and cheap booze, but you and your wallet will feel a lot better if you avoid trying to out-drink the entire rugby club.
  • Take advantage of all the free stuff! This one almost goes without saying.


  • Underestimate Fresher's flu. With so many different people arriving from different parts of the UK - or even the world - it's easy to catch a bug that your immune system isn't familiar with. Make sure you're stocked up on medicine, just in case!
  • Start romantic relationships with people you're living with. Sometimes this all works out for the best, but a lot of the time, it can lead to awkwardness or even splitting your closest friendship group if you fall out. Best to find someone that can give you space if you need it!
  • Overspend. It will feel very tempting, especially with all the events and activities that will be happening, but you still need to be able to buy food for the rest of the term.
  • Try to re-invent yourself. A lot of people start university thinking that they can take on a whole new personality that will avoid all the awkward moments from secondary school - but this never works. The real you will always come out, so embrace yourself, flaws and all. Having confidence is the real key to socialising!