Careers and Employability Service


The Careers and Employability provision for De Broc builds on the success of our award-winning Employability Service at The University of Law. We will help you get the career you want with our extensive offer of support.

We will help you succeed wherever you want your career to go – whether you have ambitions of starting your own business or you’re aiming for a graduate job in the City.

For students looking to enhance their existing careers, we’re there for you too. We provide training and practical opportunities to enhance the skills employers want and enable you to succeed. We take pride in our success.

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Services to our students

At De Broc all our campus and online students have access to:

Personalised, one-to-one support

From the time you accept your place at the university, we will cover everything you need to succeed. We offer you advice in:

  • Writing a CV and covering letter
  • Completing job application forms
  • Preparing for job interviews
  • Preparing for assessment centres 
Employer events and speaker programmes

This will give you the opportunity to speak to employers and learn from their first-hand experience. Topics covered include:

  • Working internationally
  • Starting up and running your own business
  • The contrasts of working for a large corporate employer and an SME
  • Career planning and personal priorities
  • Changing career direction
Skills sessions /De Broc Challenge Day

The skills sessions will give you the chance to develop the skills employers want, replicating assessment centres and preparing you for your future career.

Up-to-date resources and information

We provide the latest information on the labour market and recruitment processes to help you to choose from the many opportunities that will be open to you.

Internship and placement support

We know how valuable practical experience is, so we will help you identify opportunities, make applications, and hit the ground running. 

Services to employers

The Careers and Employability Service also offers a range of services to employers, giving them the chance to engage with our staff and students. 

These include:

  • A free vacancy advertising service
  • Assistance in collecting and ‘first-sifts’ of applications by prior agreement
  • Placements and internships – an ideal way to promote opportunities and contribute to the skills of future recruits
  • Mentoring opportunities – we pioneered legal mentoring and offer one of the largest schemes in the country. If you would be interested in mentoring business school students, let us know 
  • Knowledge sharing. We know the world of business is fast-paced and ever changing, so feel free to talk to us about how we can work together to keep our students up to date with the current business environment
Developing your career with De Broc

Employers want graduates that add immediate value to their organisation, which means hands-on experience, practical skills, and a business-ready mind-set.

At De Broc, we ensure our students have everything employers are looking for through creating courses and using teaching methods that encourage ‘learning by doing’. This gives students the valuable experience they need for success.

We support our students through an environment that challenges business assumptions and engages with the latest developments, as well as providing professional accreditations from the Chartered Management Institute (CMI).

We also involve employers in talks and workshops, making sure that our students are learning the most relevant information for their career and improving their professional skills – making them outstanding candidates when they enter the job market.

Awards and achievements

Whilst De Broc is a new venture for the University of Law, the Employability Service has over 25 years of experience providing the highest levels of service to our students securing work in one of the most competitive markets.

This is why we’re confident that we will be able to support our future Business School students and achieve similar impressive outcomes:

More graduates secure training contracts

Our experience assisting those getting into the legal sector is second to none. And with the emphasis on developing the skills and behaviours to complement the academic learning, we will build on this to assist our Business School students secure the opportunities to build successful careers.

Graduate development awards 2013

Independent recognition for expertise in readying students for the workplace. It’s not just the numbers that tell you what we do: we have industry recognition for both our careers and pro bono (legal volunteering) work. And more importantly, consistently positive feedback from students who appreciate teaching and support from experts with professional experience.

Pioneered legal mentoring

We have also established ourselves in the legal market place and use these connections to benefit our students in a range of ways: employer events, talks, fairs and we pioneered legal mentoring over a decade ago and still have the largest scheme of its kind in the country.

500 students were allocated an external mentor in 2014-15, giving them access to experienced professionals and invaluable insight into the profession. 

Want to know more?

Speak to us about how we can work together to enhance the employability of our students and allow you to recruit the employees you need: