De Broc Launches New Flexible Learning Options

17 February 2017

Topic: News

De Broc Launches New Flexible Learning Options

De Broc School of Business are pleased to announce the launch of three new options for their undergraduate business degrees, each designed to focus on specific areas of business management.

From September 2017, De Broc undergraduate students will be able to study their Business Management degree and specialise in either Finance, Marketing or Human Resource Management (HRM).

Each of the Pathways cover the same general aspects of business as the degree, but with a focus on key subject areas to increase chances of employment within a chosen field. This new model of dedicated Pathways is designed to allow students to concentrate their learning from the start, so that they can enter the workplace with that bit of extra specialist knowledge to put them ahead.

De Broc’s National Director of Business Programmes, Rona O’Brien, explains the motivation behind creating the Pathways:

“It’s very important to students and to us that they’re studying those areas that particularly interest them. That’s why, with our Pathways, it’s their choice. But we also understand that it can be quite confusing deciding which degree to do, so we’ve designed courses that allow students to specialise mid-degree, without jeopardising their qualification.”

So not only do the Pathways allow refined specialist learning, another major advantage comes from their flexibility. Students are able to switch Pathways at the end of their first or second year to suit newly-realised career ambitions or interests.

All the Pathways are also available as three year online courses, or as four year courses with an introductory Foundation Year. The Foundation Year covers fundamental aspects of business management and the necessary skills to participate in the undergraduate programme.

These Pathways are the latest addition to De Broc’s carefully developed range of up to date undergraduate and postgraduate programmes based on what today's employers need. With a strong focus on vocational learning and employability, graduates from De Broc will be ready to step straight into a career in the real world of business.